Light The World Science & Technology Ltd. was established in 2008, dedicated to providing lighting products with low harm to the earth's environment. Today, it is more towards the goal of ESG sustainable development, and is truly moving towards a lighting business where environmental protection and economic development go hand in hand.

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Q : Now the whole world is promoting green energy and using environmentally friendly products. Are electrodeless lamps also environmentally friendly products?

A : Of course. Electrodeless lamps are composed of three parts: ballast, tubes and lampshade. Our products have passed the EU RoHS certification, and according to the express regulations of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Executive Yuan, Induction bulbs are "announced recycling items" in Taiwan. Therefore, after the bulbs are discarded, they will be assisted by back-end recycling manufacturers. Tubes resource recycling" method for reuse; ballast and lampshade are also in accordance with the recyclable materials stipulated by the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Executive Yuan: aluminum, iron, copper, etc., the whole lamp can be recycled and reused up to 98%. Provide products with slow light decay, long life, low pollution, and recyclable materials. Of course, they are environmentally friendly products!

Q : Why is the warm white light of electrodeless lamps more suitable for road lighting than yellow sodium lamps?

A : The warm white light of the electrodeless energy-saving lamp is more suitable for road lighting than the yellow sodium lamp. Because the warm white light is close to the performance effect of sunlight, it can give passersby a warm feeling, and at the same time, it has better visibility. Identify the characteristics of road and surrounding environment colors under warm white light to ensure the safety and comfort of road driving.
Compared with yellow light, the core advantage of warm white light is that it is more efficient in lighting and consumes less power. The same Street Light use at least 10% less electricity and 40% less carbon dioxide emissions than yellow lights. Therefore, it meets the requirements of environmentally friendly lighting and green lighting, and has a huge potential for popularization in today's increasingly serious energy crisis and greenhouse effect. The advanced concept of warm white light has been widely used in the United States, Britain, Belgium, Norway and other countries.

Q : Is dimming action possible for electrodeless lamps?

A : Electrodeless lamps that can be dimmed have been launched, and the products will have longer service life and lower operating frequency. And according to the requirements of energy saving, the dimming operation from dark to full brightness is between 40% ~ 100%.

Q : Why are electrodeless lamps more valuable?

A : The average lifespan of low-frequency induction light sources is 100,000 hours, and the average lifespan can reach 60,000 hours when used in combination with electronic currents. The lifespan is 50 times that of traditional bulbs, 10 times that of energy-saving lamps, and 5 times that of HID lamps. It is currently being tested and compared with the life of the LED, and the News will be placed on the web page.

Q : Do all parts of the electrodeless lamps have to be replaced at the end of their service life?

A : The three main components of electrodeless lamps are separated and replaceable. Generally speaking, the ballast must be replaced at the end of the 100,000-hour service life of the electrodeless energy-saving lamp, so it is recommended to replace the Tubes part as well. The lampshade is made of die-cast aluminum after upgrading, so it can still be used continuously if there is no special external force damage.

Q : What is the installation distance between the ballast and tubes?

A : The ballast of the electrodeless energy-saving lamp and the Tubes are connected by a coaxial cable, and the maximum installation distance cannot exceed 5 meters. Therefore, our ballast and Tubes are designed in the lampshade to become an integrated lighting fixture.

Q : Can electrodeless lamps work normally under voltage fluctuations?

A : Ballasts operating at high frequencies have a more reliable ability to resist violent voltage fluctuations. Within the range of 100 ~ 277V of the nominal operating voltage, the ballasts can work normally, but the luminous flux output power consumption and lighting effects are affected. The impact loss of fluctuating voltage is only about 2% ( including technical indicators such as color temperature and color rendering ).

Q : Is the electrodeless energy-saving lamp system shockproof?

A : Yes. In fact, electrodeless lamps have no electrodes and filaments, and have more reliable shockproof and windproof performance applications. The application of electrodeless lamps in special projects such as bridges and tunnels has proved this fact.

Q : Will the electrodeless lamps be affected by the high and low temperature environment?

A : The application of amalgam in electrodeless lamps conforms to the core of thermal conductive plate technology, and has a wide output temperature range. It can maintain normal lumen luminous flux between minus 30 and 050 degrees Celsius; if adjusted by special matching, the lamps can be adjusted at minus zero. Forty degrees Celsius starts normally.

Q : Will electrodeless lamps interfere with communication equipment?

A : No. FCC standards are standards dedicated to protecting wired and wireless interference. This system will not interfere with mobile communication tools such as mobile phones.

Q : Will the electrodeless lamps interfere with other electrical appliances such as computers and other electronic devices when working?

A : No. Electrodeless lamps meet the standards of the United States Communications Commission ( FCC ), and also meet the Taiwan EMI test, and will not interfere with other electrical and electronic equipment.

Q : Why choose electrodeless lamps?

A : Electrodeless lamps have a long service life of 100,000 hours and are free of maintenance costs. High-quality light source with a color rendering index higher than 80 and a wide color temperature from 2700K to 6500K. The high color rendering makes the color of the object itself bright and realistic, and the high light efficiency of 80 lm/W ( 150 plm/W pupil lumens ) makes the lighting more energy-efficient. Electrodeless lamps also have a more reliable instant start performance, while low heat output.

Q : What are the components of electrodeless lamps?

A : The system of electrodeless lamps consists of three components: ballast, magnetic ring, and Tubes. The magnetic ring transmits energy through the high-frequency ballast, and the high-frequency wave generated by the ferrite magnetic coil hits the fluorescent powder on the lamp wall to emit light.

Q : What is an electrodeless energy-saving lamp system and what is its lighting principle?

A : Electrodeless energy-saving lighting system is a new revolution in lighting technology, which combines the basic principles of electromagnetic induction and gas discharge. The technology without electrodes and tungsten wires gives 100,000 hours of high-quality lighting effects.